Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Drafter and Production Line Supervisor

A Malaysian based contractor working Internationally (outside Malaysia), specialized on Timber Construction in Architecture, Interior and Fixed Furniture Works; looking for:

2 (two) experienced drafter with a minimum of: 5 years experienced
  • Hold a D3 Diploma from relevant school or PIKA-Semarang School
  • Working with Autocad and should have experienced on managing drawing with X-Ref system
  • Able to coordinate Structure/Architecture/ Interior drawings
  • Able to make Furniture Cutting List for Production Works is an advantage
  • Minimum of: passive (reading & writing) in English for drawing notation is a must
  • Minimum of speaking English for daily conversation and taking instructions
  • Contract works for: 2 years
  • Please send CV and sample drawings; maximum 2 MB

1 (one) Production Line Supervisor for Timber based Architecture/Interior /Furniture works with minimum experienced of: 8 years
  • Hold a D3 Diploma in Technical based school or PIKA- Semarang School
  • Must be able to read Autocad drawings and able to operate Autocad
  • Have experience in supervising works in a Timber based Factory with Customized Design work system for production of: Door/ Window/ Wall Framing/ Wall/ Ceiling/ Roof/ Furniture and/or a complete Prefabrication Timber Houses/ Cottages is an advantage.
  • Have experienced with a fully automated CNC Machine, Kiln Dried facility, Finishing Facility and others machineries
  • Minimum of: passive (reading & writing) in English
  • Minimum of: speaking English for daily conversation and taking instructions
  • Please send complete CV

General information:
  • Application to be email to: jlr.malaysia@gmail.com
  • Application end date: July 24th 2015
  • Interview will be conducted in Jakarta around: July 27th - 31st 2015

info at milis iai | July 10, 2015